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Video and Audio File Converters?

I down load a lot of youtube videos. I don't always keep them because after all they take up room, and most of the time once you've viewed them once It's enough. However I like doing it this way. I can put them on a flash drive and watch them at my convince, when my mind is fresh, and no distractions like you get when your on the youtube website... Distractions would include advertisements, other recommended videos, and not to mention your own emails popping up with various forum posts bagging you to go check things out. Another reason why I like to down load youtube videos is sometimes all that's in them is audio. A good example would be Spatry's Zoo Crew. It's much easier for me to load them onto a mp3 player and listen while I'm doing my job (Cleaning the school)

To solve these issues:

In windows I use format factory.


What do we use in Linux?


  • ffmpeg is a good terminal program for that. If you read some documentation on it, you'll be good in no time. :cool:

    EDIT: I forgot to mention youtube-dl, another command line tool on downloading YT vids.
  • nakanutnakanut Registered
    I use FF in Wine with no hassle.

    It used to crash every time on completion. I found out you have to disable GUI sound notifications in FF (under Task/Options).

    I also disabled [Check for newer version] just to be on the safe side.
  • pdqpdq Administrator
    To transcode videos from one format to another there is transcoder. To convert videos from mp4/mkv/flv/avi to an .iso DVD format there is devede. To split, join and sync Audio->Video there is avidemux. :)

    Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]

  • Teddy5090Teddy5090 Registered
    You can also download a program called Handbrake. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows. It can transcode and convert pretty much any file type in one single program. To install it, you just need to download the Ubuntu Version (32 or 64 bit, depending on your installation), and just double click it to install.
    Theodore Thorpe,
    Member of the Cup Of Linux, Linux Distro Community & Linux Lite Forums.
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  • pdq wrote:
    To transcode videos from one format to another there is transcoder. To convert videos from mp4/mkv/flv/avi to an .iso DVD format there is devede. To split, join and sync Audio->Video there is avidemux. :)

    Which Transcoder do you use? I see three in the repositories


    Why does devede always gives me this strange message.


    What is the difference between these two?

  • wchouser3wchouser3 Registered
    my favorite is the youtube browser that comes with SMplayer. It gives you the option of what quality, and if you just want to download to an .mp3 file, you can do that as well. As far as converting videos, Handbrake is the way to go baby! Now there's also another good one out there called 4kvideodownloader, which gives you a few more choices for downloading, including what codecs you want to use. By far, how ever the most powerful program out there is a command line tool called youtube-dl. This program succeeds in downloading youtube videos where the others fail. It also gives you options as to the file type and quality. Youtube-dl is in active, aggressive development. I use Archlinux, and there's an update to the repos for it almost daily.

  • What is the difference between these two?


    Qt and GTK+ are both cross-platform widget toolkits for creating graphical user interfaces. For your desktop (XFCE?), I recommend installing the GTK+ one.
  • wchouser3wchouser3 Registered
    it's just the program language that was used to create the user interface. As far as functionality, almost nothing. Sometimes programs are written in more than one format to provide visual continuity. In other words, it looks better in certain desktops. For example, in this case the GTK version will look a little more like it fits well with the lighter desktops like Xfce, and LXDE, whereas the Qt version will look better with KDE. This is because KDE is based on Qt. It matters more to some people than others. Some people may prefer to avoid Qt apps altogether because they have to have Qt libraries installed in order to get them to work. So, if you're using Gnome, or Xfce, and you want to run a Qt app, then the Qt libraries will have to be installed as dependencies. Where with KDE, they're already there. Conversely, if you're running Gnome, or Xfce, and you install the GTK version, no additional libraries are necessary. This becomes less of an issue, however if you already have something Qt installed. So to sum it's just a matter of preference.
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