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Customizing Grub Menu Issue. Didn't work like shown in the Video.

[size=large]What got my interest in Customizing the Grub Menu was an issue I had back when I first installed a ubuntu onto my desktop computer. The first thing that it wanted to boot into was ubuntu. I wanted it to boot into windows vista by default. [/size]
That is all in the past... Now I just wanted to change the Menu names.

I have been playing around with AV Linux and I want to install it along side of my Zorin OS 64. I haven't done that yet but I repartitioned my hard drive. In the process, somehow the grub menu got changed. It no longer said Zorin OS. It said Ubuntu. Zorin OS is built on Ubuntu, so that part made somewhat sense....

I found a Video on how to customize Grub on Linux lite. I want to install Linux Lite someday.

After watching the Video I felt that the Grub Costomizer should work under Zorin. And it appears to work under Zorin. I was able to change the menu names. :) However I thought it would also be cool to use my wallpaper as the background. This part didn't work for me, and I'm wondering if any of you can tell me why.

Firstly here is the Video.[/size]

[size=large]Second I was able to change my menu lists here[/size]


[size=large]Third - This is what the program shows it should look like.[/size]

These are the Advanced Settings. (I made no changes to it) I'm merely showing you guys so that you can see what it shows me.[/size]

I double checked the Image to make sure it's 640x480[/size]

Here is what my Grub Looks like. As you can see there is not background added.[/size]

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