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Files from Windows in Linux Share are "Read Only"


Trying to resolve a sharing/permissions issue. I think?

Two PC's - Linux Mint 16 & Windows XP SP3
I have created a shared folder on each PC

The situation:
If I connect to the Windows share from Linux I can create files and edit them.
On the windows machine I can then open and edit those files also.

If I connect to the Linux share from Windows I can create files and edit them.
On the Linux machine If I open the files created from Windows are "Read Only"
I can create and edit files normally within the the shared folder.

The shares seem to be working,
but Linux is treating the Windows files some how differently.?

*** Update ***
If I create a file on my NAS from Windows, Linux can open edit the file.
If I move the file from NAS to the shared Linux folder it is still editable.
So the issue is files created directly from Window to Linux Share.

Any guidance welcome.

Thanks... David


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