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What is Your Favorite Linux Distro? And Why?



  • RWA3RWA3 Registered
    edited March 2015
    c_smith said:

    Even though I keep trying other distros, I always come back to Ubuntu, so I guess that's my favorite. :D

     I agree. I started with Ubuntu. I have tried many distros but always seam to come back to Ubuntu. Maybe it's just that it is familiar to me. I am working on moving out of my comfort zone...slowly. ;)

    HP G70 - Dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 

    HP Compaq 6710B - Lubuntu 14.04
  • anak1nanak1n Registered
    My favorite is Funtoo. The reasons behind that are pretty trivial, really. I've pretty much always used Gentoo based systems, when Daniel left Gentoo, I followed. 
  • GegenRungGegenRung Registered
    My favorite is Arch. I love how simple it is and the fact that you build it from the ground up. And of course latest updates for all your software and the AUR is pretty awesome and one of a kind. Also, can't beat the documentation the team/community provides.

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  • morning_starmorning_star DonatorRegistered, Donator
    Arch ... i almost didnt reply cause so much was said about arch already ... much of it true for me ... so i will leave it at that.

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  • darry1966darry1966 Registered
    I have left Puppy behind and I am using LinuxBBQ spins
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