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robgraves's Linux New Years Resolution

I don't normally do a New Years Resolution, and when I do, I don't always stick with it. For example, I don't think I made any resolution for 2013, and for 2012 I made the "I'm gonna quit smoking" resolution, which didn't really stick until recently (I am proudly 137 days smoke and nicotine free and I finally feel like it's under control.)

Anyway, I buy and play a lot of games. Both for windows and linux. I have a Windows 7 and a Windows 8 installation in addition to Ubuntu 12.04, a couple Arch Linux, and a couple Gentoo Linux. I was thinking this year, 2014, I would vote with my wallet. And only spend money on games that have native linux support (not necesarily limited to steam, but probably primarily through steam.) If I want people to make their games cross-platform, I can vote with my dollars by spending only on linux games this coming year. This is gonna be hard for someone like myself who is such a heavy gamer. This is not to say I won't play my already purchased WIndows games ( I spent the money on them and I will play them) but as far as new purchases go...linux only. This might have a bonus of curbing spending on video games which since I've abandoned my 360 to a media player only, it would limit me to only buying what is available natively in linux.

Linux Gaming!!!!!

P.S. I'm gonna regret this post when something awesome comes out this year on Windows, but I'm gonna stick to it.



  • ValtamValtam Registered
    You obviously have the inner determination to give up smoking, which says to me you have the will to not do something if you put your mind to it, the same energy can be used against windows software - even if you paid for it. I went cold turkey on windows, gave away approx. 14 games, most of which were top titles, Battlefield etc. Yes you've spent money on those games, but you have also spent time playing them so they have already paid for themselves.

    In the end what it really boils down to is what software philosophy is the most important in your life, once you have decided that, the rest is very easy. Good luck mate :)
  • sprocketsprocket Registered
    Thanx & same back at you mate !

    Happy Holidays to everyone fellas .
  • pdqpdq Administrator
    What a great decision and idea robgraves :D kudos and good luck!

    Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]

  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Good luck mate :D +1


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