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Turn off Pulseaudio Scheduling possibly Lower Pulse CPU usage.

I have found on some distros pulseaudio seems to idle with audio programs open at close to 16% or sometimes higher on cpu. Instead of the usual for most systems is 7% and under. I mainly found this issue on Arch based distros, but this can be applied to any distro having this issue.

Edit these two files listed below as root.

Look for the line that shows as
load-module module-udev-detect
. Change the line by adding
to the end of it. The changed line will look like this.
load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

Once you are done editing them save both of the files. Then restart pulseaudio. You can do this by doing "pulseaudio -k" or simply restarting the machine. After restart pulseaudio should be lower on cpu usage.

Thanks hope this helps.
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