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Hello from a Newbie Linux Lite user

Hello all. Just heard of Linux Lite last night and decided to try it for an older machine I have. To say the least, I was impressed. I have a couple of old P4 machines I have been playing with linux on and Linux Lite is what I have been looking for! This is the first distro I have found that looks decent, is actually responsive on a 1.7G P4 with 1Gb Ram, and has a nice interface. Configuration is pretty intuitive as well compared to most distros I have tried.

Although I have been playing with linux for a couple of years, I am a newbie. It just took 1 evening of Linux Lite to make me decide to wipe my server of Linux Mint and go with Linux Lite. Why all distros have to be super rustic and bare or overly bloated I do not know, but it took the Kiwi's to get it right! (No offense intended). This distro is based on what I always thought Linux was trying to accomplish - clean, fast, easy to use, and low on resources. Most mainstream distros I have tried far surpass Windows in bloat, resource requirements, and hardware requirements. Of the 30 or so flavors I have tried over the past year, this is so far my favorite by far! It runs as fast on my 1.7G P4 with 1Gb of ram as Windows 7 has on my dual core 2.2 machine with 4gb of ram.


  • Welcome to the community! Your not the only one with some old machines!

    I got a couple of old Intel Pentium 4 Machines myself, one of which I had custom-built for me. It has a 1.7 Ghz P4, 512 MB of RAM, and 80 and 110GB IDE/PATA Hard Drives and ATI Radeon 7200 32MB Graphics. I haven't put Linux Lite on it yet, because it only has USB 1.1, and while the BIOS does support USB booting, it is too slow to even load up Linux Lite over USB 1.1. I'll have to use a DVD. The other P4 machine I have is a Dell OptiPlex GX280, with a 2.8 Ghz P4, 1.5Gb of RAM, and 80Gb SATA Hard Drive and Integrated Graphics. That runs Linux Lite beautifully.

    My 3rd Desktop is a Home Theatre PC, a Dell Dimension 5100C. It has a 2.8Ghz Pentium D (Basically a dual core P4), 1.5 GB of Ram and 80GB Hard Drive. Not the ideal choice for a HTPC, but it suffices, plus it looks cool with the Blue LEDs on the front fan. I only use that machine because it has a digital audio port, S/PDIF, that I use with a Harman/Kardon 5.1 Surround Sound System, so I could get great audio when playing DVD's and Music. I love music and I play it any chance I get.
    Theodore Thorpe,
    Member of the Cup Of Linux, Linux Distro Community & Linux Lite Forums.
    OS: Manjaro XFCE 64-Bit & Linux Lite 64-Bit
  • Welcome to the LDC :D
  • plustwoplustwo Registered
    Welcome to LDC atomictaco, :)
  • ValtamValtam Registered
    Hi atomictaco, welcome. The feedback is appreciated, go Kiwi's!
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Welcome to the COmmunity mate :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • bartosbartos DonatorDonator
    Have fun
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