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Antix 13.2 released today

AntiX 13.2 released today, with bug fixes and a few updated features. You can see the release statement here:


  • I've never gotten to give Antix a try, but after looking at it, I think I just might have to. It looks like it's got some good applications for desktop computing, but I like that it includes a good number of popular command-line alternatives as well: MPlayer, MC, etc. How long has it been around? I'm thinking it might be a good distro to use on my laptop to help conserve some precious battery life in conjunction with TLP and Awesome WM.
  • Its been around for quite a while. At one time it was based on MEPIS back when MEPIS was based on ubuntu (around version ubuntu version 6 I think). These days its based on Debian, and has a pretty good bunch of folks working on custom apps and features. Its really fast, boots on damn near anything, and is really customizable. And if you are into the tiling WM's, I believe it also has wmii standard as well. You can even set up a persistent usb key with custom apps, and the apps will care over to your install if you wish.
  • Scott(0)Scott(0) Registered
    @dolphin_oracle, thanks for the heads-up, downloading it now.
  • ken7ken7 Registered
    I am using Anti-x in one of my old desk top Seanix computers (2005) in a dual boot with Windows XP. It works much faster than XP I find. The browser Iceweasel seems to work just as well as Firefox from which it is derived. It seems a good system for an old computer and the clip board clipit comes in the package. I kept XP for now just in case I have problems with Anti-x.
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