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Sabayon Linux Forums Hacked

Part of the email that was sent to me

TL;DR: change your wiki, forum and bugzilla passwords ASAP!

Dear users,
a couple of days ago, during the night between Oct 28 and Oct 29 (GMT time,
+0000), the credentials of one of our forum administrator were stolen and
used to conduct an attack against our wiki, forum, bugzilla installations.
The attacker used these credentials to inject php code into our forum FAQ
page as a way to install two backdoor scripts (cache2.php and cache3.php)
and gain full access to all the user accounts on our web infrastructure (we
used a centralized authentication system based on phpbb). In particular,
your username, email and encrypted password (we do not store clear text
passwords but phpBB uses salted double MD5, which is considered, to some
extent, weak by some experts).
I have been able to successfully analyze the whole incident (the audit took
me a couple of days), and take all the countermeasures needed so that it
won’t happen again.
In particular, I have improved the alerting system such that it can
autonomously and rapidly take action in case of unexpectedly uploaded files
to our servers (and much more, btw). The database has been restored from
one of our almost-hourly backups.

We apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused you.
We advise you to change your forum and bugzilla passwords as soon as


  • sprocketsprocket Registered
    Happy that you got it fixed . Hope it wont happen again . This sux when it happens .
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