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Longest Long Term Support Linux Distribution

Which Linux distribution has the longest long term support? The longest I think I've found was CentOS 6 series . It's LTS lasts until 2020. Do you guys have any suggestions?


  • Teddy5090Teddy5090 Registered
    All I know is that Ubuntu's is 5 years for both server and desktop. Probably Ubuntu isn't your choice when it comes to longest support time. Speaking of which the next LTS for Ubuntu is this next release 14.04, pray and hope that they increase it.

    If you want even longer by about 7 years longer than Ubuntu, Try Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Yes it is not free, but it is an option regardless. It is supported until 2023.
    Theodore Thorpe,
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  • I would still prefer rolling releases, their support is as long as the life of the distro :p
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