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[Solved]Linux Ubuntu 13.10 Minimal LightDM Issues

I've decided to go with LightDM as my display manager on my Ubuntu 13.10 Minimal OS . When I installed it appears that it's missing some features. Like when I go to the power options It doesn't list anything. Are there any extra packages I need to install in order to get this functionality?


  • I tried installing the LightDM package instead of just the lightdm-gtk-greeter. Now the shutdown and restart options are there but when I click on one it doesn't do anything. What exactly causes LightDM to shutdown when you click the shutdown option. Does run a script or does it use a package that is specifically for shutting down?
  • This should help you out to configure LightDM. I know it's from the arch wiki but it should work the same for most distros, excluding the arch specific commands like pacman. I've never used LightDM enough to know much about it.
  • I figured it out. I needed to install the package consolekit in order to shutdown or restart from Lightdm.
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