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New to Linux Distro Comm.

Name is Kendrick, prefer to be called Kalei. I'm born and raise in Hawai'i Oahu Honolulu. I'm into Linux for something new and I wanted a new change so I decided to go into Linux. I'm a Video Game Developer recently graduated in Game Design 2012 last year. I've worked with XNA, C++, Autodesk, UDK, Graphic designing with photoshop and basic office use. Linux Lite is one of my top favorites and I absolutely love the logo as a feather design. I am going college university for computer electronics networking and technology also a security guard to build more into survelliance in casino's, working with games, building games and I find it a great field to be part of security, gaming and technology all in 1 career. In the future I intend to earn my A+ and Security+ Certifications next year.


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