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[Closed] Lightest Weight Applications for Linux

Hi everyone, I'm searching for the lightest weight applications for Linux. Do you guys have any recommendations? I want to assemble a list for this purpose and I'm not sure where to start.


  • Claws-mail for email client
    Spacefm for file manager (even though it recently stopped being developed, reasons still unknown)

    Those are of the top of my head, it depends on what you're looking for, for example: browsers, music, video, etc...
  • Midori for a web browser isn't too bad. And Rox for a filemanager is quirky but small, light, and really really fast.

    xmms for audio (an oldie but a goody). and gnome-mplayer for videos is about as light as it gets.

    for office type apps, gnumeric and abiword are lighter than libre/open office, but I prefer libreoffice writer to abiword. TED is interesting as a editor for rtf files.

    wicd for a network connection manager.

    don't be too afraid of the terminal apps. cdw is a heck of a cd/dvd writer/extractor utility. It has a menu drivern interface. Just because an app runs in a terminal window doesn't mean you need arcane cli-kung fu skills to use it.

    too bad about spacefm... its my favorite filemanger at the moment. you can configure EVERYTHING!
  • I'm trying out wicd. Is there a way to change the icon in the system tray?
  • Where there is a shell, there is a way.

    I also don't use any text editor other than vim and gvim (if needed). I use office suites to open microsoft office files but I write everything with vim using either LaTeX or RST. I agree with terminal applications, a lot of them are awesome and get the job done easier and faster. For example, for IRC irssi or weechat are great applications and to me they are better than xchat (now dead) and hexchat (its replacement). Video player I usually use mplayer (terminal app) of vlc (both terminal and gui) which can also be used for music playing. There is also audacious (a winamp sort of a clone but not really) which is lightweight and pretty awesome. For terminal emulator I use urxvt (a lot of LDC members use it as well). I stick with spacefm for a file manager because it is lightweight, very fast and very extensible with bash scripts.
  • I really like the customizability of SpaceFM. I noticed when I installed it my ram usage jumped from 400 to 500 mbs. Is there something wrong with the packages it installed? Are there easy to use terminal Applications? That was one of the problems that I had with the terminal applications. I found it much easier to go to my menu and open a program then remembering what command I needed to type in order to use the program unless the command is the program's name like Evince.
  • man pages are always your friend. Always read the manual, some applications have an ncurses front-end like nvlc for example which is also helpful but not that much unless you also read the manual and help pages. I'm not sure why you had so much usage with spacefm, if you're installing from the debian package it compiles from source which is probably why it takes so much ram while compiling but I don't see a reason for it to take that much when you run it. For me it's in the 20+ MB and less than 30MB.
  • This only happened after I installed SpaceFM. SpaceFM itself isn't running and my system is stuck at 500mbs. Before I installed SpaceFM it was at around 400mbs. That's why I'm thinking it might have something to do with the packages it installed. When I ran the gdebi install it said SpaceFM required 38 packages to be installed. I'm going to see if rebooting fixes it.
    Edit: Yep that was it. My system is back down to 400mbs, false alarm.
  • I've noticed that SpaceFM doesn't have an option for a trash can unlike Thunar. How add that as an option?
  • I've been playing around with some terminal applications and decided to change my mind on terminal applications. I've found that there are really useful terminal applications and I shouldn't restrict this list to just GTK based applications. The Arch Linux Wiki has an excellent List of Applications page that feature both GTK and Terminal based applications.
  • I've found another thread for this. I would like to request a close to this one.
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