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Hello from New Mexico

I have been enjoying Linux Lite for the past two months. I had a bad experience with a very persistant trojan on my HP/Windows 7 laptop and started researching options to do away with W7. I found a book in the library with a live cd of Knoppix and really liked it. That set off my research into Linux.

My first hard drive install was Mint 14 Cinnamon. I had a few issues with it so continued looking at and trying live dvd's. I saw a review of LL and downloaded LL 1.0.4. I wasn't excited enough to replace Mint until a couple weeks or so later when 1.0.6 came out. After an hour or so in a very satisfying live session I installed it instead of Mint and continue to really like it.

So far I have been able to replace most of the things I did with Windows 7. I am still working on Lightscribe and one of the features my bank uses that don't work with LL. Everything else either worked out of the box or I have figured out on my own. I decided to check out the Linux Distro Community and see if someone may have a solution for my last couple of issues.

Nice job putting this OS together! Real solid, fast, and just stays in the background letting me get things done.


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