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Lightweight apps suggestions

Currently my assortment of apps are:

Luakit for web
mpd + ncpmcpp for music
mplayer2 for video (no gui)
ranger file manager
feh for photo viewing and background setting
i3 window manager with dmenu and conky for my status
centerim for instant messenger (although might be replaced)
irssi for irc
rtorrent for torrent
urxvt for terminal.
geany for text editing/ide

I'm looking for suggestions on other lightweight, fully functional apps that I can possibly use, specifically i'm looking for a text editor with syntax highlighting.

my end goal is to have my laptop run as effeciantly as possible basically meaning using the least ammount of resources while allowing for maximum performance output.


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Nice list only to suggestions / gripes :P

    Luakit (as much as i loved it) hasent had a commit in over 12 months but DWB is a currently maintained and much more customisable alternative :D (bit easyer for newbies to micro browsers aswell :D)

    i3 well i wont cover it too much but its a horrible ripp off of wmii to fix a small problem with dual headed screens that was a few years ago and only lasted about 2 weeks XD but then again each to his own :P

    i Use Midnight commander or spacefm if i need a file manager :D there both pretty nice and really light
    Weechat for IRC cuz its sexi
    Deluge For torrenting (i was too lazy to rtorrent XD)
    VLC for video
    mpd and ncmpcpp for music
    feh for image viewing
    and bitlbee for IM Services if i need them
    and ofc VIm for Text editing :D

    Great idea for a thread BTW :P


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • I second vim
  • Have you looked at qiv image viewer?
  • Luakit for web
    (Iam more a dwb fan)
    mpd + ncpmcpp for music
    (personaly i use mpv, for video and music, i dont need fancy playlists)
    mplayer2 for video (no gui)
    (really, look into mpv, its like mplayer2 grown up.)
    ranger file manager
    (cant get any better as a fm imo :-p)
    feh for photo viewing and background setting
    (ahhh indeed i like feh to set wallpapers, but for image viewing i love and prefer sxiv)
    i3 window manager with dmenu and conky for my status
    (altho on xfce lately, iam a huge fan of wmfs. And being able to write status scripts purely in bash)
    centerim for instant messenger (although might be replaced)
    (i'd totaly suggest bitlbee, it works like a local irc server and supports nearly all common IM services )
    irssi for irc
    (give weechat a chance, its shockingly nice. altho irssi is just fine)
    rtorrent for torrent
    (deluge for gui, rtorrent WITH COLOR PATCH lol for the terminal :-p)
    urxvt for terminal
    (cant go wrong, as long as you have the right fonts installed for alt languages such as japanese(kanji etc))
    geany for text editing/ide
    (lately i've had mixed feelings on this, where as i enjoy vim and its speed and ease of use. Geany is wonderful and does its job quite well)
  • I got hooked on geany when i was trying crunchbang.
  • LowEndGeekLowEndGeek Registered
    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I just got done with my funtoo install and I'll certainly check out a few of these. Especially mpv and dwb. Some of you may remember, like shaggy who helped me with it, I was using weechat originally. I kinda got used to the irssi theme options if you want to call it that. I'll look into bitlbee as well.

    Vim is something I never got around to learning but feel I should so I'll emerge that first.

    Right now I really like Luakit because for me lua is actually fairly easy for me to understand and in general I'm trying to avoid gui apps as much as I can since I'm trying to focus on the maximum output using the minimal....input.

    Wmii is another good suggestion but here is another question regarding window managers. Why not xmonad? Also has anyone tried some of the other alternatives such as monsterwm or spectrwm.....dwm?

    Of course as I'm writing this I realized I said lua is understandable to me which would beg the question, why aren't I using awesome if that's the case lol. But please keep the suggestions coming, I love trying new things.

    Oh and I've also been playing with tmux

    Finally I'll post this, this is what my current set of apps create

    Sent from my LG-VM696 using Tapatalk 2

    Based on suggestions I've made these changes.

    I.went back to awesome for the time being because I actually do like lua, but I'm playing with a few others.

    I tried dwb and its nice but I think I prefer Luakit

    Switched from irssi to weechat if for no other reason then the fact it shows user names on the side.

    Installed vim and started looking at the tutor

    Installed mpv but having an issue mounting my phone where all my media files are so haven't tried it yet.

    Switched from bash to zsh and I think I'll keep feh
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    i have used basicly all of suckless's tools and code :P DWM is kool but can be a little painfull to configure because its config is written in c an compiled into the window manager.

    i havent tried monsterwm or spectrwm though they look pretty neat wmii is the perfect midpoint between hard and easy and it can be configured in anylanguage makes it awesome


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • LowEndGeekLowEndGeek Registered
    setkeh wrote:
    i have used basicly all of suckless's tools and code :P DWM is kool but can be a little painfull to configure because its config is written in c an compiled into the window manager.

    i havent tried monsterwm or spectrwm though they look pretty neat wmii is the perfect midpoint between hard and easy and it can be configured in anylanguage makes it awesome

    currently i'm checking out wmfs, as soon as pulseaudio emerges i'll grab wmii and check it out. Also been looking at scrotwm.
  • ZooseZoose Registered
    A few lightweight apps i like to use:
    Ranger for file manager SpaceFM as well (for gui)
    mpd + ncpmcpp although ive been using Mplayer
    Mplayer for video (nvlc (or Vlc for gui) )
    wee-chat exclusively i no longer use Xchat which was my goto IRC client for a long time.
    Wmfs for a window manager.
    Vim (but 90% of the time ive been using) Geany for texts editing/IDE
    Viewnior for image browser.
    nitrogen for images handleing for wallpapers in wmfs. (i dont let spacefm handle the desktop stuffs)
  • LowEndGeekLowEndGeek Registered
    So wmfs is pretty much my new obsession for window managers. Going to be playing with that for a while. Also liking mpv a lot as a video player. Still like ncmpcpp for audio cause it purdy

    Sent from my LG-VM696 using Tapatalk 2
  • Hi guys, I was wondering is it possible to use Geany as a word processor? I'm looking for multi-purpose applications. Do you guys have any suggestions? I've only found two, that being Geany and VLC.
  • If all you wanted was a text editor for word processing, then I suppose. Geany is really meant for code writing, and its set up for that. Complex font and/or formatting is not its forte.

    If you are looking for something light to use for both text and word processing, I suggest you check out Ted. It utilizes the rtf format for formatting, and I think you can save generic text as well.
  • Is Ted lighter then Abiword? I'm also looking for lighter replacements for Evince and Gnumeric. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Yes to abiword. I don't use abiword anymore. If I do an rtf, I use Ted.

    Epdfviewer is lighter than evince, but I find evince more useful in terms of proper pdf reproduction. Mupdf is crazy light. For a spreadsheet, I stick with either gnumeric or even libreoffice sheet because I need the excel compatibility. gnumeric is pretty light though, and a pretty good spreadsheet to boot.

    If its hard-drive space you are looking to eliminate, don't discount the online options, especially google docs (writer and spreadsheet). Coupled with the google-drive, these are pretty handy for documents, and if you have an android phone or tablet, you can work your files on those as well.
  • I really like the way MuPDF handles hotkeys. My main issue with it is with the ease of navigation. With Evince I just type the number of the page I want to go to into the page index. With MuPDF I was never able to find a way to easily navigate through the pages of my PDFs. I checked the man pages but I didn't find anything. Are there any addons for MuPDF that would add a page index? I also tried Epdfviewer but it never loaded any of my PDFs. It would stand for about 10 mins and then crash.
  • I don't think MuPDF has any extensions. there is some interest out there in using mupdf as a backend for other viewers.
  • What PDF Viewers use MuPDF as a backend and have a page index? I found that Okular can use MuPDF as a backend but it's probably not very light considering that it comes with KDE. I also found that Zathura can use MuPDF as a backend but it doesn't have the page index I'm looking for.
  • Are you looking for an index or for the handy page scrolling side panel? zathura will display the index if you press tab. AT least, that's what it says it does. I don't have any pdf's with an index handy. But yeah, neither zathura nor mupdf have the side panel.
  • I'm looking for a number page index like what Evince has. Zathura has just a plain index.
  • there is a interesting side pane option in the pdf viewer built into firefox/iceweasel as well. Fits your multi-purpose question from earlier too, and although not lightweight per se, it has been getting better in the memory usage department

    in zathura, you can type a colon ":" and then a page number to jump to a page. nothing though that displays pages unless there is a table of contents.

    in mupdf, you type the page number and 'g' and it will navigate to the chosen page.
  • Thanks for the info. I just checked the man page and it mentions the command. I think I was confused on how to use it. Is there a lightweight version of Mozilla Firefox? It seems really heavy when I see how much ram it's using.
  • no problem. antix used to come with zathura and it currently comes with mupdf so I've been playing with them off and on. Happy to help.

    as far as light Firefox, not so much. seamonkey is a little lighter, although its been a while since I've used it. Antix moved to iceweasel as its default, although midori (webkit based I think, similar to chrome) is pretty good I hear. Several guys I know use it and they seem to like it.
  • Midiori Web Browser is the lightest I can think of off the top of my head right now. Seamonkey is also a decent choice if you want a full internet suite like Opera, with email, IRC, newsgroups, all that extra good stuff.
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  • Any suggestions for a Terminal Emulator? I'm looking for a Terminal Emulator that is highly configurable and lightweight. Also are there any video+music players that are lighter then VLC?
  • I don't know much about configuring terminal apps. Antix comes with several you could check out.
    The default is roxterm, though I don't know if you would consider it light. I works though and is very configurable. We also have xterm, uxterm, and st (simple term) . st is probably the lightest. I think most of this are configurable through command line options at the least.

    mplayer is another option for video/music/media playing. mplayer itself is command line, but there are several gui-frontend versions available for almost every desktop environment out there. there is even a mozilla plugin available.
  • @dolphin_oracle thank you very much for your suggestions. I think I might try Antix in a virtual machine to see if I can find even more lightweight alternatives.
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