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Boas! Portuguese to 'Hi!'

Hi My name is Fernando, I use Linux since 2008, dropped completely Windows 2 years ago, and I'm still a noob :)
since I don't feel very comfortable out of the Ubuntu area I don't think of my self as a power user, I had in times customized my desktop and made some tweaks on the GNOME2, now I'm stuck on the beautifully elementary Pantheon theme thing and don't really care, just want some thing that works :P

Since I dream of one day to have my distro I will have to learn more, but for now I don't have the time... I had snagged the domain and everything but I just don't have the time...

I work for now as a PHP developer, I hope some day (soon) work on native apps for Linux and android, I have some ideas, once again just not the time or money for some things that I need... I'm a save but have no options for now, things are changing :D

One of the things that are taking my time away is my youtube channel, where I inspired by Spatry, IG and Jordan to name a few... Where I try to make some videos(at least one a weak) with tutorials in Portuguese, at the moment I'm changing the channel so for now there will be no videos, but soon... I'm messing with the images and the intro... but soon I'm back on the active... if there is some PT or BR here my channel is here:

Hope to learn a lot from this community thank you all in advance ;)


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