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Let's see people what your nickname what you using in the game meaning :) I will start first i use nickname Nemesis and his mean opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome. Superman may have been the Man of Steel, but Kryptonite was his nemesis. for example and its also enemy and a source of harm or ruin.So what is your nickname


  • I sorta got a mix behind my nick name. You know the cartoon scooby doo. Theres the stoner shaggy, my family called me shaggy cause I used to smoke weed alot. And eventualy I found ICP, one of the members is called shaggy2dope, so over time Ive gone with ShaggyTwoDope. For me it's a mix of both Shaggy from scooby doo, and one of my favorite music groups. I love being refered too as just shaggy tho :-p
  • c_smithc_smith Registered
    I have 2 different names I use in games (and variations of said usernames)

    one is Dragynbane, which when said correctly is Dragon Bane, and that literally means Dragon Sorrow, reasons I chose it is A. I just plain like fantasy books that have dragons in them, such as the Inheritance cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance), Moreta's Ride, and various others, and B. in WoW, I tended to lean towards dungeons and questlines that involved the Aspects, Alexstrasza, dragon aspect of life, Malygos, Aspect of magic, Ysera, Aspect of nature, Nozdormu, Aspect of of time, and Neltharion, Aspect of earth (later known as Deathwing, Aspect of death)

    Also, another name I commonly use in games is Erathorn, basically a variation of Eragorn from Lord Of The Rings.

  • SeanSean Registered
    My name is Sean so that's why I call myself Sean. :D
  • robgravesrobgraves DonatorDonator
    my name is not really robgraves.
  • NemesisNemesis Registered
    Sean wrote:
    My name is Sean so that's why I call myself Sean. :D
    Seems legit to me :cool:
  • In my first few months of using Linux I was distrohopping.

    I'm not now, but I was.
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    My name is a Mix

    Set: Ancient Egyption god of Chaos
    Keh: Enoch God of War

    My Actual Nick is


    or Basicly
    Setkeh :P


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • LowEndGeekLowEndGeek Registered
    LowEndGeek, essentially I'm a geek but my devices are all low end cause I'm poor. A laptop from about 4 or 5 years ago, An android phone from a few years ago that runs gingerbread stock and won't be updated officially and that's it. So yeah a LowEndGeek

    Sent from my LG-VM696 using Tapatalk 2
  • c_smithc_smith Registered
    oh, and my username here is pretty self-explanetory, first initial, underscore then last name, yeah, pretty unoriginal.
  • Bela_LugosiBela_Lugosi Registered
    Cool thread, this one, I have to say!

    Bela Lugosi (Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó) was a Hungarian actor that became our idea of the count Dracula, other than Nosferatu, I'd say. I use it as well because of a song by Bauhaus (Bela Lugosi's dead), part of which is my signature.
    Although I don't wear black all the time nowadays, I'm still a goth/dark at heart. ;D
  • Teddy5090Teddy5090 Registered
    Obviously as my post says, my Nick is Teddy5090. At the time I was first starting to use this nick (In 2008), I was playing a game called "Poptropica", and The game recommended this nick to me. I stuck with it and use it on a lot of services like Flickr.

    My Family calls me by Teddy, but my real name is Theodore Edward Thorpe.
    Theodore Thorpe,
    Member of the Cup Of Linux, Linux Distro Community & Linux Lite Forums.
    OS: Manjaro XFCE 64-Bit & Linux Lite 64-Bit
  • AmosAmos Registered
    For general "online presence" I usually don't use my real name or any other "real" identifying information. I generally pick some word or phrase with a nice mix of consonants and vowels, then jumble it all up anagram-style to come up with something cute, clever or just absurd.

    Sometimes if I am really close to something particularly cute or clever, I'll allow myself a little license with extra letters in addition to complete freedom to add or drop spaces.

    "Amos Nunoy" is not my real-life name. ;)
  • ChompjilChompjil Registered
    Pacman chomps on ghosts -> the Chomp part
    The 'Jil" part was just random thinking of mine :P
  • capriditoricapriditori DonatorDonator
    I am Irish and, a open source software developer and advocate, "oscailt" is Irish for "open".
  • TibleTible Registered
    Tible was my gamer tag ever since i started gaming, don't even remember why i chose it.
    BearInAChair is also a name i go by in most forums, due to the fact that i was once a circus bear until a unicycle accident, i retired and took up computers as my new hobby.
  • preecherpreecher Registered
    mine come from a gaming clan i once had, back in the day when mplayer was around before they got bought out by gamespy. i had a gaming clan named "preecher and the deecons". This was in the 1996-1998 time frame. we played alot of unreal tournament, some of the rainbow 6 , and s.c.a.r.a.b. but pretty much went our seperate ways after the gamespy takeover but i liked the name & alot of online friends seemed to continue calling me preecher so i just kept using it.

    nothing religous about the name, hence the misspelling.

  • mdoverlmdoverl Registered
    Mdoverl is derived from my real name, but that my friends, is the secret
  • bartosbartos DonatorDonator
    My name came from a toon i created for WOW.
    I just like it and use it on all the linux forums just to be familar.
  • ZooseZoose Registered
    Zoose, as i'm most commonly known for, came from zus.
    Back in the begining, when we started the LDC. (perhaps even earlier from the bodhi forums)
    zus was the first name i went by: Z from zoose US from the country i am in.
    It eventually came to be spelled as zoose again, for no particular reason.
    both zus and zoose are pronounced as zeus. (appearently zus also means sister in dutch) ( >.< )

    In FPS games, i'm 'StopShootingMe' cause im Terrible at them and get killed alot...guess no one can read...HAHAHAHA!
    On Steam my handle is 'Run_A_Muck' there is nothing behind it, just needed to pick a username.
    I've been known to Show up in IRC as Ransack or locust from time to time: people ask me why the name change,
    They have thier Origins. but it depends on which system/session i decided to login to.

    Niether have anything to do with nor are my real name.
  • My username is a portmanteau of one of my nicknames in English.

    My name is Perry and some of my friends and family used to call me Perriwinkle, a play on the flower/color periwinkle. So I took my name and using a type of French slang called "verlan", which reverses the order of syllables of a word/name, it became Ryper. The word for "periwinkle" in French is "pervenche".

    So the name became Ryper + pervenche, or simply, Rypervenche, although I now prefer to type it in all lowercase.

    Two funny things of note, my username has the word "perv" in it (I swear it wasn't intentional!) and the French word "pervenche" can also mean metermaid. Who knew?!
  • delphi_oracle was taken on some service I signed up for years and years ago, so I went with dolphin_oracle. (delphi relates to dolphins).
  • nakanutnakanut Registered
    I ain't gotta clue.

    I think it might be an Irish slang word.
  • Barney the purple dinosaur + Elmo from Sesame Street = elmo_the_dinosaur.
  • I skydive for fun so I canfall
  • Shneekey was my 'stage name' when I did the RenFaire circuit.

    The epitaph 'the lost' was added thereafter for having the directional sense of Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. I earned it when I was going to somewhere I've been thousands of times before, with full GPS support, and still managed to get myself lost.
  • My username came from this:
  • RyhizukeRyhizuke Registered
    My username doesn't really have a reason behind it hehe, but probably because of my adiction for anime. I just "came' up with my name xD.
  • CEUOTCCEUOTC Registered
    My old user name was MADD after a very old Amstrad game iirc, however for the past erm 20+ years is based on my old TA unit based in Edinburgh :)
  • ohjrsonohjrson Registered
    My user name is kinda simple.
    My Grandfathers name is Olton Hoyt + last name. (may he rest in peace) My fathers name is the same with Jr added of course since he is the second with that name and the eldest son. My grandfather was always simply called O.H. and my father never used that but was sometimes referred to JR. I was looking for another user name to use since my first one was taken. I added the Son on the end of ohjr to make it longer than the required 6 characters in most username requirements. The result was actually OHJRSon but after a while I dropped the caps and used all lowercase. it resulted in an easy to remember username I could not forget.
  • sthlmsthlm Registered
    sthlm is an abbreviation of Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden.
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