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Hi good to be back on a real operating system

Just recently started using linux again used it years ago but than like an idiot let myself be talked into going back to windows, mainly to play games. These days I've lost most of my interest in games and I'm sick and tired of Microsofts crap. The last straw was when they told me that the copy of Windows 7 I had on my laptop wasn't legitmate despite it being a family pack copy that came with 3 license's which I was only using 2 of. If it had only been the first time this had happened I would have let it go but this was like the third time and I had, had enough of their crap. Anyway happy to be back on Linux where I don't have to worry about such stuff. I'm afraid my linux knowledge is spotty at best used to know more but as they use it or lose it and I'm afraid it's been years since I used it and sure enough I've lost most of it. Looking forward to getting back up to speed and maybe even learning something new.:wink:


  • Welcome to the forums, and to LDC. Join us on the irc, or even mumble time to time. Never be afraid to ask questions here. Glad to have you here, be nice and friendly. ^_^
  • Welcome back then ^^
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