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I'm here

Hi everybody. I'm a distro hopper. I'm using PCLinuxOS on an older laptop.
And on an ever older desktop I'm running Linux Lite. As far as I'm concerned, distro hopping is where its at. There's always something 'new'
being released.:cool:


  • robgravesrobgraves DonatorDonator
    Hey welcome to the community
  • Welcome to the LDC... \o/
  • Welcome to the LDC, join us in the irc or mumble anytime. Have fun and be nice to others :-p
  • swatheswathe Registered
    Welcome mate :)
  • yubasinyubasin Registered
    welcome to the community
  • aktsakts Registered
    have fun and welcome :)
  • LowEndGeekLowEndGeek Registered
    Im a bit late but welcome, i'm also a distro hopper (there is just so much cool stuff) hope you enjoy your time here, hope to see you around
  • I would like to introduce my self, I am Charlie Barkin from the Philippines.
    I am a cyclist, photographer, computer technician, and one heck of a Linux user.
    As of today I am using Linux Lite 1.0.6 as my main OS. Before I run Manjaro, Xubuntu 13.04, Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu derivatives like Deepin, Zorin, Mint, Kubuntu etc. And finally settle down to Linux Lite 1.0.6.
    I been working with Linux since I started using Ubuntu 8.04. I am a windows user before and found windows to be the worst OS I ever get into so I switch to Linux. Now I begin to love Linux and using it as my main OS. Thanks to the Linux Distro Community for providing help and support for us windows users who want to switch to Linux and enjoy the life of free and open source software.
  • Welcome to the LDC, Charlie... Join us on the IRC ^^
  • robgravesrobgraves DonatorDonator
    Armageddon, you welcomed them :tounge:
  • robgraves wrote:
    Armageddon, you welcomed them :tounge:

    No, I didn't, Charlie posted himself being new here afterwards, so I welcomed Charlie later...
  • robgravesrobgraves DonatorDonator
    OH ok, the 2nd one was directed at charlie_barkin...ok Welcome to the community as well, charlie_barkin.
  • robgraves wrote:
    OH ok, the 2nd one was directed at charlie_barkin...ok Welcome to the community as well, charlie_barkin.

    I am indeed glad to be part of this commmunity.
    If I ever discover some thing here in Linux, I will post it on the forum.
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