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Operating Systems (GNU/Linux, BSD)

  • Arch Linux

    Forum Area for Arch Linux Users and Arch derivatives.
  • Debian Based Distros

    Forum area for people using a Debian-based distro. e.g Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.
  • Fedora, RedHat, and CentOS

    Forum area for people using Fedora, RedHat, or CentOS.
  • Gentoo Linux

    Forum area for people using Gentoo Linux or a Gentoo-based distro.
  • OpenSuse

    Forum for people using OpenSuse.
  • Slackware

    Forum for People using Slackware or a Slackware-based distro
  • Other Distros

    With 400+ Linux distributions in the wild, use this forum to post about other Distros.